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Water & Wind Resistant Thermal Vest

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Putting on layers clothes does not entirely end the cold!

That is why it is important to Get Freak & Fleek's Vest that keeps you away from freezing. Introducing the USB Heated Outdoor Vest, the vest that keeps you warm whenever wherever.

Here are 5 reasons why Our Heated Jacket is particularly superior:

  • Weight: this Lightweight jacket will reduce the overall weight & the number of layers of your clothes.
  • Versatility: the vest should keep your core insulated while your arms are free from bulky sleeves of insulated jackets.
  • No Battery: just plug your portable battery & place it in your pocket.
  • Wide & Water Resistant: Our heated jacket is made of Polyester, the vest will hardly get wet under the rain and will keep you warmer during windy weather.
  • Easy to clean: because our heated vest is made out of Polyester. It is easy to clean. Just wipe it out using a wet towel.


  • NO BATTERY: Our vest gets energy from your portable battery. NO charging required need to worry about getting its battery charged, NOR will you need to worry about the battery life.
    You will never run out of battery...You have full control of this. All you need is to plug the vest’s USB into the portable battery of your choice.

  • KEEPS YOU WARM FOR A LONG TIME: Our electric heated jacket contains heated components on the back and chest areas, capable of providing you with long-lasting warmth.
    You do not need to put layers of clothes to stay warm. Just wear this heated vest underneath your long sleeves hoody and the vest will take care of the rest.

  • EASY TO ADJUST TEMPERATURE:  You can adjust the temperature settings with just a push of a button. With Three Levels of temperatures: Green for Low, Blue for Medium, and Red for High temperature. A single long press will turn off the heat, too. You have the ultimate control of the level of warmth you want to feel.
    Wanna enjoy the cold weather? No problem, just adjust the temperature of your vest. Never be under-heated nor over-heated! you have full control over the level of warmth you need.
  • 5V POWER SUPPLY: Basically requires any quality portable battery to have it warm, You do not need a special battery for the vest. It is a 100% Portable.
    You do not need for a 12V car/motorcycle cigarette lighter plug when used on motorbikes or snowmobiling. All you need is to plug into your own portable battery then place the battery in your pocket. Heat supply will last depending on the size of your portable battery.

  • EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN: The vest is made out of water-resistant materials so it is easy to keep clean all the time. When it gets dirty just wipe it out with a wet towel. Very easy and functional!
    Designed for multiple uses. Do not worry! you can get it dirty or break a sweat wearing it. Just wipe it out whenever you feel like you want to.

  • COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The Jacket is made out of Polyester, and the insulation mechanism is made out of Carbon Fibers. You can enjoy unrestricted movement wherever you go. 

  • SLEEVELESS; your arms are free from bulky sleeves of insulated jackets. When you are engaged in activities where you need a full range of motion – chopping wood, setting up a camp, stacking boxes in a warehouse, or riding your motorbike.
    Our Vest is designed for multi-use & different activities. For Indoors OR Outdoors. Our vest is designed for its maximum functionality. Use it for your daily commute, for working in the office, or while hiking & camping. It’s sturdy and durable enough to withstand heavy use.

Our vest keeps your arms free while still providing warmth

    • UNI-SEX: This Electric Heated Vest is for Both Genders.
      This Vest is perfect for Both Genders, all you need is one per household unless you want one for each person ;).
      : You can wear it underneath your outer layer if you want to cover it up.

    • SAFE: our vest uses a small amount of voltage and uses also electronically heated Carbon Fiber Elements. These eliminate the risk of electrocution Or overheat.

    • FOR COLD & MILDER WEATHERS: In milder temperatures, or when very active, being too warm can be a concern. You have been producing enough heat that your jacket is too warm, but it is still too cold to wear only your base layer. Our vest can solve both problems by taking the place of light or midweight jackets.

    • PROTECTING YOUR CORE (All you need for your motorcycle ride)
      Our vest provides more warmth than most people realize. How is that possible? When your core temperature starts to drop, the body reduces blood flow to your extremities, which increases the risk of frostbite and hypothermia. Your body will Increase the blood flow to your core in an attempt to protect your organs. When you wear our heated vest, you keep your core insulated and warm, and your blood flow remains constant to your extremities keeping them warmer. That is why often a long sleeve shirt with Our heating vest, with the needed gloves, hats, and pants, is enough to keep you warm when being active in cold temperatures.

      Layers can sometimes bunch up and feel bulky, reduce your range of motion, which limits your productivity. On the other hand, o
      ur heating vest is not bulky and will not reduce your range of motion while keeping you warm. It is also good looking and wide and water resistant. Our excellent heating jacket would keep you warm and toasty. Use it all the time in activities such as riding your motorcycle.
      “Since the London Olympics, heated clothing has also been used by athletes to keep their muscles warm between the warm-up and the race”
      Normal insulation works by trapping your body heat, so if it gets wet from sweat or rain, or if you stopped exercising, the insulation may not keep you warm. With our heated jacket, you will remain warm even if you are resting and not producing heat, or even if your coat is damp from sweat.

    If You Want to Enjoy the Winter Without Layers of Clothes, With Full Mobility, Consists Warmth, and Ultimate Controlled Heat CLICK ADD TO CART BELOW NOW

    Your Guarantee:

    Lifetime Money Back Guarantee



    Choose your vest based on the following:

    1. Materials with different insulation levels. How insulated or heavy a vest will be should be your first consideration. The lighter-weight fleece may be okay if you are in milder temps.
    2. Features, such as:
      a.Water & Wind resistance. b.Washability & Cleaning. c.Battery Life.
    3. Consider the temperature that you will be in.
    4. Your layers of clothes.
    5. Your activity level.


    Our vest is great when hiking, bicycling, running, setting up your camp, or fly fishing. Our sleeveless vest is perfect in such cases because it gives your arms more freedom of movement and keeps your core warm.

    In much colder temperatures, the vest serves as a great mid-layer between a long sleeved base layer and your outer jacket, and it also provides you with the most versatility. For example:

    1. Ice fishing, bird watching or a casual hike, our vest is a great way to stay warm as a mid layer.
    2. Also, when camping, sleeping in a jacket can be uncomfortable and restrictive; our vest is a great addition to sleeping attire in a sleeping bag for added warmth without discomfort.
    3. Our vest is also designed for cold-weather sports and activities, such as:
      • Motorcycle riding
      • Downhill Skiing
      • Diving Trips
      • Winter Biking
      • Skiing
      • Snowmobiling
      • Trekking
      • Outdoor workers such as Construction Workers & Carpenters.

      Instructions for use:

      1. Vest features a built-in USB port to connect the power bank.
      2. Power switch - long press the switch for 3 to 5 seconds.
      3. Red light flashes - automatic heating
      4. Red light - manual heating, high temperature
      5. White light - medium temperature
      6. Blue light - low temperature


      • Always connect it to the power bank when heating.
      • Power bank is not included in the product.

      Note: Order One Size Bigger Than Yours!

      This vest was made specifically to restore your body’s vitality, relieve any muscle pain, and promote blood circulation while keeping your body warm and cozy. This high-end heated material enables quick smooth electric warmth without radiation.

      5 Reasons To Buy From Us.


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