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Pipes Speed Track + RC Cars

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The Building Pipes Speed Track with RC Car is a custom course racing track which includes curved & straight pipes you use to craft.

Confused about your kids/grandsons Christmas Gift?
This is one of the most exciting gifts you could ever get for them.

Imagine if you were the only Parent/Grandparent that got your kids the gift they never liked?
Kinds are going crazy for this TOY. 

We understand that finding hot toys for your kids is not an easy task...With this RC cars, it is not an issue anymore.
"This Christmas gift was requested by a six-year-old boy. He absolutely loved it, as did his siblings. The children - boys AND girls - have played with this toy for hours upon hours".

    • Fast Car that Keeps your kids engaged and excited all the time.
      Spend time with your kids! Create New tracks and Race with them.

    • Fast Car Speed for the extra excitement & Speed Challenges.
      The car is so fast that it could climb totally vertical pipes.

    • Suitable for multi-occasions. You can get it as a birthday gift, a prize giving a gift, a small gift for the children, or as a Christmas Gift.
      Most Dads waste hours searching for gifts that their kids would like...Save your time and get this perfect gift for You Boys, Girls, Day, Night, Outdoor, Indoor, Old, Young, Groups, or Individuals.

    • Rechargeable Batteries. Your kids will never miss the joy of playing with this toy because it ran out of battery. They can charge it overnight and enjoy playing with it all day long.
      How many times you have had to get up from your couch while relaxing only to buy batteries for your kids because they cannot enjoy playing with their toys? Well!! forget about the battery with our recharging-battery toy.

    • You can add as many extensions as possible to make the race last longer.
      Get your kids ready for the Christmas racing actions...Who is Up For the Best Track Challange? 

    • Multiple pipe extensions to enjoy making long race tracks. Or create different track shapes. As soon as your kids get bored of the track they can get creative & create a new one.
      Your kids will not get bored easily from this toy or soon!! Simply, because not only they will enjoy racing, but also they will enjoy creating new tracks whenever they get bored with the old ones.

    • The cars only race inside tubes! This keeps the little cars from scratching up your floors or getting stuck under the couch. Your kids will also be safe inside their rooms unlike other remote control cars were your kids need to go outside to run it on the sidewalk.
      Stay relaxed after work or during the week while your kids can enjoy their time inside the house.

    • Physical toy NOT a video game! Your kids will remain physically and mentally active just like the old times' games. This game requires high communication, creativity, and patience, unlike video games.
      Your kinds safety and mental health is our priority...

    • Flexible tubes for customized creative designs; Make it as crazy, curved, and contorted as you want. Once you’ve erected your run, drop the racer into the tube and use your controller to blast the car through the insane cylindrical circuit.  Speed Pipes can also be twisted any way you want them and connected around furniture, up stairways, and more.

      Tip: Motivate them to do shapes and designs. This will hold your kids' attention and let them use their vivid imagination and designing skills to construct different routes with the tubes! Engineers are in the making! 

    • Fast and furious: Zipes Speed Pipes! The little vehicle races through all the pipes at record speed with the crazy shaped race track for ultimate pleasure.
      Severe Gravity! The vehicles involved are very fast and can climb the pipe and go in all sorts of crazy directions. With Speed Pipes Racing Set, you'll see who can build the craziest and fastest pipeline.

    • Illumination in the Dark! So much fun in a dark room! Unique, Fun, Exciting, Constructive, New, and True Gift for your Kids.

    • Create Crazier Builds! This multi-packaged Speed Pipes product comes with a variety of components to build the craziest and coolest path. Suitable for people aged 5 and over.

    • Build your track as high as you can, and your car will still rocket to the top. You’ll love watching the racers navigate the seemingly-impossible track at breakneck speed. Fun assembly required: Creating your own race track is easy with the Zipes racing tubes. The plastic pieces snap together easily so you can quickly build the course of your choosing. When you’re ready for a new thrill, the tubes come apart so you can quickly reconfigure and watch the new result.
    • Racing after dark: As any car commercial will show you, there’s something undeniably cool about driving at night. Zipes is specifically designed for after-dark racing, with light-up cars and a motion-activated strobe ball that lights up as you push it around the track.
    • Reversible racing: The Zipes remotes don’t make you overthink your driving, freeing your mind to concentrate on the fun. The remote only has two buttons, which propel your car forward or backward (even switching between the two directions with impressive nimbleness). The cylindrical design of the track means you don’t have to worry about steering. 


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